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HCV Compound Therapy

Treatment for Hepatitis C is presently based on the use of interferon-alpha, ribaviris and sofosbuvir. Interferon-alpha is a protein that is given by injection, usually three times a week. The addition of Ribavirin, a non-specific, orally administered anti-viral agent, improves the efficacy of interferon-alpha.

Although interferon-alpha with or without Ribavirin works for some patients with hepatitis C, most do not achieve a “sustained response” of undetectable virus in blood 6 months after stopping therapy. Interferon-alpha is also associated with myriad adverse events and is relatively expensive. Ribavirin may also cause side effects. Better drugs are unequivocally needed for the treatment for Hepatitis C.
At Sushruta treatment is composed of Ayurveda based food supplements HCV Care Compound 1, 2 & 3 Capsule, which are given in combination to provide quick relief if a person is anti-HCV positive and has elevated liver enzyme levels. HCV Care Compound 1, 2 & 3 Capsule, combination therapy is considered best. HCV Care Combination Therapy is an innovative Hepatitis C treatment based on herbal formulations which provide quick relief to a person suffering from Chronic Hepatitis C Virus and inhibits the spread of viruses.

HCV Therapy has Triple Action :

1. Anti-Viral
2. Hepato-Protective
3. Immuno-Modulator

HCV Care Combination Therapy is Fast acting Hepatoprotective preparation for normalizing liver enzymes. HCV Care Compound 1, 2 & 3 capsule consists of a proprietary blend of 13 safe and effective herbs acting synergistically to produce its powerful and amazing effects. This therapy uses evidence based herbs in the formulation that have clinically proven Hepatitis C treatment in India.

Dr. Verma’s Hepatitis C Alternative treatment :

1.Normalize liver enzymes (ALT/SGPT, AST/SGOT) within two to four weeks
2.Regenerate liver cells
3.Reduce Viral load
4.Enhance Immunity
5.Promotes flow of bile and strengthens the digestive process
6.Rejuvenates the Hepatic cells and thus tones up the run down liver
7.HCV Care Compounds eliminates free radicals quickly from the body and prevent cancer
8.Enhances immunity and inhibit the replication of HBV and HCV
9.Stop the process which leads to cirrhosis and cancer of the liver in patients of Chronic Hepatitis C
10.Stimulates appetite and promotes growth
11.No adverse side effect.


1. HCV Care Compound-1: 1 capsule three times a day with one glass of water.
2. HCV Care Compound-2: 1 capsule three times a day with one glass of water.
3. HCV Care Compound-3: 1 capsule three times a day with one glass of water.

Lifestyle Changes :

1.No Recreational Drugs, e.g., cocaine, marijuana
2.No Alcohol
3.No Tobacco
4.Stress Reduction

Dietary Changes:
1. Add Fresh, Whole, Non-processed, High-protein Foods.
2. + Vegetarian–salads, rice, grains, beans, legumes, washed fruits
3. + Proteins–chicken, fish, eggs, soy bean products
4. No Beef, pork, lamb, “Nothing with four legs
5. No Dairy–Milk, cheese, ice cream

Psychosocial and Emotional Healing and Balancing :
1. Anger
2. Guilt
3. Fear
4. Stress
5. Self-esteem
6. Self-sabotage
7. Spirituality
8. Will
9. Life Purpose